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How Much Do Neon Signs Cost? What Elements Determine The Price, From Materials To Custom Designs

Finding yourself intrigued by neon signs but uncertain about how much they cost? Delve into the fascinating world of custom neon sign pricing in our detailed guide. We look at the underlying factors that influence costs so that you can get an idea of how much you would pay for your custom designs.

Whether you’re considering a generic, off-the-shelf option or contemplating a personalized creation, this article will teach you all you need to know to find your perfect solution. Navigate the neon sign market with confidence and make informed decisions about your luminous decor investment.

How Much Do Neon Signs Cost? What Elements Determine The Price, From Materials To Custom Designs

Key Takeaways

  • Neon signs can cost less than a hundred dollars, or they can cost several thousand dollars.
  • The biggest variables for neon sign cost are custom vs off-the-shelf and LED neon vs glass neon.
  • Other variables include design complexity, the number of colors, the size, and the quality of the materials in your sign.
  • Location can have an impact on the cost, due to shipping considerations, labor costs, and the availability of materials.
  • In addition to the upfront cost, you should consider things like installation costs, energy consumption, and compliance with local regulations.
  • We supply high-quality custom LED neon signs at competitive prices with vibrant aesthetics, low energy consumption, and outstanding durability.

How Much Do Neon Signs Cost?

How much neon signs cost can vary widely depending on a range of factors. For standard, off-the-shelf options, you may find a basic LED neon sign for anything from $30 to a few hundred dollars, while glass neon signs tend to range from $100 to $500. The design complexity and size are key factors in determining the price.

For custom neon signs, the price is likely to be higher. A customized text neon sign typically starts at around $80, but could cost up to a few hundred or more depending on factors like:

  • Size
  • Design intricacy
  • The number of colors involved
  • The quality of the materials

For glass neon signs, custom prices often range from $200 up to $1,500 or more. Large signs with elaborate designs generally command the highest prices due to the labor and materials required to assemble them. And the more sophisticated your personalized design, whether for branding or home use, the more it is likely to cost.

Consider all these factors carefully when budgeting for your neon sign to ensure you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

business neon signs in a window for neon sign cost

Initial Investment And Long-Term Value

The initial upfront cost is not the only financial consideration when it comes to LED and glass neon signs. The initial investment is generally lower when you take the LED option over the traditional glass one. The neon sign cost with LED lights is usually more affordable because the materials involved are cheaper and the construction costs are lower. However, there is a classic aesthetic that draws people to glass neon signs for certain applications, despite how much more they cost initially.

When we look at long-term value in relation to neon sign cost, there are more considerations. How long neon signs last depends on their technology and maintenance, but LED signs tend to be more durable and low-maintenance than their glass counterparts. LED signs have a longer general lifespan and are less prone to breakage. They also have superior energy efficiency, consuming less electricity over their lifespan than traditional neon signs.

Though the neon sign cost with the traditional option is higher in every regard, their timeless appeal can provide excellent ROI for businesses, and an iconic look for homeowners.

Custom Neon Sign Cost

Custom neon signs will almost always cost more than off-the-shelf options, and this goes for both LED and glass neon options. Off-the-shelf signs are made in bulk, often featuring simple designs that allow manufacturers to produce them at a lower price point. Custom neon signs, on the other hand, involve designing and fabricating unique pieces tailored to customer specifications, which requires more:

  • Time
  • Materials
  • Expertise

How much a custom neon sign costs depends on factors like the size, the complexity of the design, and the materials used. Intricate designs that feature complex shapes and multiple colors involve higher production costs, as there will be more materials and labor, and this is passed onto the customer. But custom neon signs are great for businesses and individuals who want to create a personalized statement.

Price Breakdown: Materials, Labor, And Customization

When considering how much you will pay for a custom neon sign, consider the following factors For glass neon signs, higher costs are associated with:

  • Glass tubing
  • Neon gas
  • Skilled craftsmen shaping and bending the tubes

LED neon signs, on the other hand, typically involve simpler construction methods with flexible LED tubing, and the materials are less expensive so construction costs less.

The additional cost of custom neon signs reflects the time and expertise involved in bringing your unique visions to life. We supply high-quality custom LED signs at competitive prices for your consideration. Our design team is on hand to work with you to optimize your design to stay within your budget, whatever that may be. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we deliver on your custom vision so that you make the desired aesthetic impact without breaking the bank.

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Average Cost Of Neon Signs

As we have mentioned, there are various factors that impact the average cost of neon signs. These include the type of sign and whether it is generic or custom-made. Generally speaking, traditional glass neon signs carry a higher expense as their production involves more skilled craftsmanship to bend glass and insert the neon gas. Typically, these signs cost anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on size and complexity.

LED neon signs represent a more affordable alternative. Off-the-shelf, these neon signs can be found for prices as low as $30 to $100. If you want custom aesthetic neon signs, the cost is higher but they are still more affordable than glass neon. Our prices start at around $80, but this can go up depending on the nature of your design and the size and complexity.

Overall, the average cost of neon signs is lower when you choose the LED option. They are a great choice for adding vibrant signage to your space in a cost-effective way, though glass neon signs capture the timeless aesthetic a little more powerfully.

a neon sign in a bar for neon sign cost

Neon Sign Prices Based On Location

Your location can play a role in how much custom neon signs are. There are several reasons for this:

  • Shipping costs: The distance between the manufacturer and your location makes a big difference, especially for larger, heavier signs or those with fragile glass tubing that requires delicate handling.
  • Labor rates: Manufacturing costs can vary based on the local economy and the level of skill the craftsmen have.
  • Material availability: When manufacturers are closer to suppliers of raw materials, their construction costs may be lower, enabling them to sell their products at a more affordable price.

Geographic price variation is a real consideration relating to neon sign costs. This is why you should compare prices from different suppliers to get the best possible deal for your neon sign.

Installation Costs

Installation costs are an important consideration for neon sign prices, and they can vary depending on several factors. One key consideration is your location:

  • Urban settings: Access to skilled labor and equipment is more readily available, so it may be cheaper to have a sign professionally installed in a city.
  • Rural settings: Away from highly=populated areas, it may be harder to find professional installers. This might mean it costs more to have your neon signs installed.

Fortunately, we design our LED neon signs to be simple to install, and provide full instructions on how to hang our neon lights.

You should also develop a strong understanding of your requirements relating to fire regulations, particularly if you are a business. Obtaining permits for outdoor installations and ensuring compliance with regulations may incur additional expenses. Consider factors like installation height, mounting complexity, and the accessibility of the installation site to calculate how expensive your neon sign installation will be.

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What Factors Affect Neon Signs Prices?

We have talked about various factors that influence how much neon signs can cost, so let’s look at them in a little more detail. Design complexity is one of the key considerations, particularly with custom neon signs. More intricate designs take considerably more time and skill to produce, which inevitably pushes the cost higher. They may also involve more materials, which is particularly pivotal for neon sign cost when it involves things like:

  • Glass tubing
  • Neon gas
  • Transformers

Additionally, you need to factor in labor costs, including the fabrication and the installation. These things can vary based on location and levels of expertise. To manage the overall cost, one thing you can do is consider simplifying your design without sacrificing its overall aesthetic impact.

Options include:

  • Reducing the number of colors
  • Opting for a more straightforward layout
  • Making the size smaller
  • Removing custom images and option for a text-only design

It is often possible to still achieve the desired aesthetic whilst simplifying the design. Just be mindful of all these factors to make informed budgeting decisions and reduce your neon sign cost.

The Price Of Innovation

When designing custom neon signs and considering neon sign prices, innovation often comes at a premium. Your creative, unconventional designs can be very impactful for your intended purpose, but they often involve more complexity during fabrication, thus increasing the cost. Common features of these outside-the-box designs include:

  • More intricate fabrication
  • Elaborate shapes
  • Multiple colors
  • Expansive sizes

All of this demands more time and skill during the crafting. In some cases, experimenting with new techniques or incorporating advanced technology further increases how much neon lights cost. 

Innovative designs can be unique and visually striking, but you should aim to balance creativity with practicality to stay on-budget. The final aesthetic is crucial, but so are your financial constraints, so it is down to you to find the right balance. As respected custom neon sign makers, we can offer advice on making a big statement without excessive design complexity.

LED Neon Lights Cost Vs Neon Sign Cost

There is a lot to consider when comparing LED neon vs glass neon lights. In relation to neon sign prices, the key factors are:

  • Initial cost
  • Maintenance
  • Longevity

LED neon signs typically come at a lower initial cost than their glass counterparts, mainly due to the simpler construction and cheaper materials. They also require less maintenance over time, as they have superior durability and are less prone to breakage.

Another key consideration is that they have better energy efficiency, so their operational costs over time will be lower. Glass neon signs have an iconic aesthetic appeal, but LED signs beat them on all fronts when it comes to cost. This may make them a more practical choice for businesses and individuals alike when planning for short- and long-term expenses.

a neon sign on a wall for neon sign cost

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Cost Of Neon Signs As A Business Investment

Investing in high-quality neon signs for your business can be a wise decision that yields many benefits. The initial neon sign cost may seem high, but it is an investment in your brand’s visibility and aesthetic appeal. When budgeting for your neon sign, you need to optimize the following design features to ensure the cost isn’t too high:

  • Design complexity
  • Colors
  • Size
  • Neon sign type

We know that LED neon signs don’t use lots of electricity in comparison to traditional glass neon, so their long-term running costs are low. A well-designed LED neon sign offers excellent ROI by attracting customers, boosting foot traffic, and elevating your brand recognition.

With their unique, eye-catching nature, neon signs are memorable and instantly recognizable. Your business will stand out from the competition, and offer a timeless aesthetic appeal that can serve as a long-term branding asset. With this perspective, it is clear that how much neon signs cost should be weighed against their power as a strategic investment in your business’ success.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Do Neon Signs Cost

How Much Do Neon Signs Cost?

Off-the-shelf neon signs can cost anything from $30 to several hundred dollars, depending on complexity and whether they are glass or LED pieces. Custom neon signs are usually more expensive.

What Is The Average Cost Of Neon Signs?

You should expect to pay anything from around $100 up to several thousand dollars for neon signs. Key variables include custom vs generic, LED neon vs glass neon, design complexity, and size.

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