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How To Hang A Neon Sign Without Damage

Neon signs can typically be hung using basic DIY skills. Our neon lights are designed for effortless installation, allowing you to fully experience their benefits with minimal exertion. Whether you're installing them in your business establishment or your residence, hanging neon lights doesn’t have to be difficult. Continue reading to learn how it's done.

How To Hang A Neon Sign Without Damage

Key Takeaways

  • It is relatively simple to hang neon signs in most cases
  • The basic process for hanging neon lights involves choosing the location, installing mounting hardware and securing the sign in place
  • You must ensure you have the necessary hardware and tools for a successful installation
  • The specifics of the process are slightly different for different types of installation
  • We provide different types of hanging kits and full instructions for easy DIY installation
  • You should seek professional help if you are uncertain of anything

How To Hang A Neon Sign

There are several steps to the fundamental process of hanging neon signs. It's essential to ensure that you hang neon signs in a manner that guarantees their safe display. Safety is paramount, so if you are uncertain about what you are doing or your neon sign is difficult to install, seek assistance from a professional or someone with more experience.

Here are the guidelines for achieving a proper neon sign installation.

Choose Your Location

The location where the neon sign will hang holds significant importance. It should be positioned for visibility, with its radiant colors effectively illuminating the surrounding area. If you're hanging it outdoors, assess whether the chosen spot provides adequate weather protection. Once your location is chosen, utilize a measuring tape and, if required, a spirit level to guarantee precise alignment and straightness.

Install Mounting Hardware

Depending on the size and design of your neon sign, you might need to attach mounting brackets or hooks. Check the manufacturer instructions to get this right. It may also be necessary to prepare the wall with anchors for added support. Drill holes where the screws will go and insert anchors for a more robust installation. We provide all the hanging hardware you will need when you order custom neon signs from us, and we provide full instructions for installation.

Hang The Sign

With your neon sign wall mount brackets attached and anchors in position, delicately hang the sign in its designated spot. If the sign features multiple mounting points, gradually secure it using one screw at a time, adjusting its alignment before fully tightening all screws. Once in position, meticulously confirm that everything is both straight and level, making any necessary repositioning adjustments.

Attach Additional Hanging Apparatus If Needed

Sometimes, hanging neon lights may necessitate the use of wires or chains to enhance stability. If this applies to your situation, adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for fastening them to the designated points. For heavier signs, toggle bolts might be more suitable than screws, providing the required stability to meet your needs.

Test The Sign

Once the sign is securely in place, you have successfully completed the process of how to hang a neon sign. At this juncture, you can plug in the sign and witness its illumination. If everything operates as expected, your neon light sign is now prepared to effectively light up your space.

A neon sign hanging from the ceiling for how to hang a neon sign.

Hardware You Will Need While Hanging A Neon Sign

For the process described above of hanging neon lights, you will need the following tools and hardware:

  • Mounted brackets or hooks (if applicable to your neon sign)
  • Screws and anchors or toggle bolts for heavier signs
  • A spirit level
  • Measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire or chain (if included with the sign)

As you can see, the exact apparatus for how to hang your neon sign may vary. But you will likely need some variation of the above to get your neon light in place.

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How To Hang An Overhead Neon Light

Hanging an overhead neon light is similar to hanging any other type of neon sign. But the added consideration here is that you must ensure it is securely attached to the ceiling. The process for how to hang a neon sign overhead is as follows.

Step One: Safety First 

Ensure you have a secure step ladder to reach the location where the sign will be hung. It is a good idea to wear goggles so that no debris falls into your eyes when drilling. If you feel uncertain about anything, enlist the help of a professional to carry out the installation.

Step Two: Measure And Mark The Holes

Use a pencil and tape measure to mark the desired position on the ceiling. A spirit level can help ensure the marks are straight and aligned.

Step Three: Drill The Fittings Into The Holes

Drill the necessary holes into the ceiling to secure the hanging fittings of your neon sign in place. Use anchors in the holes for additional security for your installation. Once the holes are ready, attach the fittings that the hanging wire will go through.

Step Four: Feed-In Your Hanging Wire

With the ceiling fittings in place, feed through the hanging wire that you will use to hang your neon sign. Once through the ceiling fixtures, make sure the wire is securely attached to your neon sign and it will be hanging in your desired position.

Step Five: Plug In Your Neon Sign

Now everything is in place, check that the alignment is perfect. Once you have confirmed that, it is time to plug in your neon sign and get it working.

How To Hang A Wall-Mounted Neon Light

You must follow the steps diligently to hang a wall-mounted neon light. A secure installation and great visibility are key, so follow the process to make sure you get everything right.

Step One: Safety First

As always, take every safety precaution before you begin the process of how to hang a name sign on the wall. Ensure your workspace is clear and secure, and use a sturdy step ladder if required. Have all your tools to hand so that you don’t have to move around too much in the space.

Step Two: Find The Perfect Location

Choose a location that offers superb visibility for your sign while ensuring it is out of reach and cannot be tampered with. Getting this right is key to experiencing the best possible results from your sign.

Step Three: Prepare The Fittings

Gather your wall fittings. If you need to attach a neon sign wall mount to the back of your sign, do this first. Decide whether you will use screws and anchors or toggle bolts to secure it to the wall. Have them ready to install once you start working.

Step Four: Measure The Hanging Spot

Using a tape measure, spirit level and pencil, measure out the hanging spot and make marking where you will need to drill holes. Align them with the fixings on the back of your neon sign so that everything will go together perfectly. Accurate measuring is crucial to a successful installation.

Step Five: Drill In The Pilot Hole And The Fittings

Once you are satisfied with your marking, drill the pilot holes for every fixing. Insert anchors as required and secure the necessary fixtures into the wall for hanging. You should only need a single wall fixture if you are hanging the sign from a chain, but it will require multiple for a neon sign wall mount.

Step Six: Plugin Your Sign

Once the neon light is hung in place, and you are satisfied with the installation, it is complete. You are now ready to plug in the neon sign and bask in its vibrant glow to wow onlookers and enhance the ambiance in your space. Remember, you can design custom neon signs to fit your needs by using our service, and we will produce it to your exact specifications.

A wall mounted neon sign for how to hang a neon sign

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Hanging A Neon Sign Without Drilling

If you want to avoid drilling into walls and ceilings, there are options for hanging neon signs. These attachments may not be as secure, but they are good alternatives for you to consider.

Hanging Neon Signs With Acrylic Backing

A neon sign with an acrylic backing could be hung on the wall using command strips or Velcro. We will go into these methods in more detail below if that's what you wish to do. Alternatively, you could consider ordering our freestanding neon signs. These have an acrylic backing and a stand to place on tables, bars and other surfaces to get the same vibrant effect without hanging the sign.

Command Strips

These adhesive strips can be used to hold items to the wall. You will need to know the weight of your neon sign and find command strips that have sufficient capacity to support that weight. They can be a good alternative to drilling, but they will probably need to be replaced after some time has passed.


Velcro is a similar option to using command strips, except that you can take the sign down and put it back up at will. You will need Velcro that is capable of supporting the weight of your neon sign, and you must stick the adhesive backing to the neon sign and the wall to create both the hook and loop portions of the installation.

Hanging Neon Lights With Nails

Nails are a possible alternative to drilling. But nails are not always suitable for plaster walls as the plaster can break and crumble (though it can be done). If you are hanging your sign from a wire, you may be able to use nails to hang it from.

Use 3m Strips

These are variations of command strips. If you have strips of the appropriate weight capacity, they can be attached to the back of your neon sign so that you can apply the sign to the wall using the strong adhesive backing. This can be effective on a clean wall free from any oils that could compromise the adhesion.

How To Hang Neon Sign With Chain

When you hang a neon sign with a chain, it gets a unique and industrial aesthetic that can be great for certain environments. You will need to choose the right location for hanging and make sure you have the necessary chain and wall/ceiling fixings to install it.

  1. Measure and mark the desired position on the wall or ceiling using a tape measure, spirit level and pencil.
  2. Insert your ceiling hooks or wall brackets as required using the markings you made in the previous step.
  3. Prepare the chain, cutting it to the desired length if necessary.
  4. Attach the chain to the sign using appropriate S-hooks or carabiner clips so that the sign can be hung.
  5. Hang the sign with the chain, adjusting the chain length as required and checking the alignment until it looks exactly the way you want it to.

This process requires close attention to detail and you must always ensure the materials you use are suitable for your sign’s weight. If you are uncertain about anything, seek professional assistance. Note that, when you order from us, you can choose how you want to install your sign and we will provide the necessary hanging hardware for you to do the job.

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Hang Your Neon Sign Using Hanging Kit

Hanging kits provide a straightforward and secure way to hang your signs. We supply these with the custom neon lights we sell, so you will know how to hang your neon signs with minimal exertion. We also provide full instructions with the kit so that every step of the process is clear.

  1. Choose the right location and measure/mark using tape measure, spirit level and a pencil.
  2. Install the necessary brackets or ceiling hooks and assemble the hanging kit
  3. Attach the hanging kit to the sign, following the manufacturer instructions closely.
  4. Hang the sign using the hanging kit, adjusting the length of the chains/cables as required.
  5. Check the alignment and, once satisfied, turn the sign on.

This process makes the process of hanging a neon light simpler, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Hang A Neon Sign

How To Hang A Neon Sign

The process of hanging generally involves selecting a location, marking the positions, attaching the necessary fixtures and securing the sign in place. The specifics vary with different hanging methods, but this is the basic process.

How To Hang A Glass Neon Light With Distance Holders

The process for this is similar to any other type of neon light installation. You just need to ensure the distance holders are attached to the back of the neon light before fixing it to the wall.

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