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How To Hang a Neon Sign On A Brick Wall

This is your guide on how to hang a neon sign on a brick wall. Learn the step-by-step process for a secure and aesthetically-pleasing installation that implements the vibrant illumination of neon signs in your space. Learn about different methods and considerations to seamlessly integrate neon lights on brick walls.

How To Hang a Neon Sign On A Brick Wall

Key Takeaways

  • The best method to hang a neon sign on a brick wall is to create pilot holes with a masonry drill, insert wall anchors, and use screws for installation.
  • Adding neon signs to brick walls, whether indoors or outdoors, can be a great way to elevate the ambiance in a space.
  • The installation method is similar for other wall types, like drywall or plaster, with some subtle differences.
  • It may be possible to hang a neon sign on a brick wall without drilling, with the help of adhesive command strips.
  • We supply high-quality, lightweight custom LED neon signs that are suitable for installation on brick walls and many other locations.

How to Hang a Neon Sign on a Brick Wall?

Learning how to hang neon signs on brick walls involves careful planning and execution. Here’s how to hang a neon light for a secure and visually-pleasing addition to your brick wall.

  1. Identify the ideal location, taking visibility and aesthetics into account.
  2. Ensure you have a neon sign that complements the space and conveys the appropriate message.
  3. Gather the following tools: spirit level, a drill, anchors, and screws suitable for brick.
  4. Measure and mark the placement accurately, using the spirit level taking into account the holes on your neon sign.
  5. Drill your pilot holes in the correct places then securely install the anchors.
  6. Screw your neon sign into the anchors, or attach screws and hang the neon sign on them.

This step-by-step process is a basic solution for hanging a neon sign on a brick wall. But it is not the only one, so read on to learn other methods and considerations for a visually-appealing display.

yellow neon sign on brick for how to hang neon sign on brick wall

How to Choose the Right Neon Sign for the Brick Wall?

Identifying the perfect neon sign for your brick wall requires careful consideration of things like:

  • The wall’s location
  • The overall ambiance of the surrounding space
  • Indoors or outdoors?

If the wall is outdoors, you need to factor in various considerations relating to the sign’s safety and durability. You must also assess the surrounding decor to ensure your neon light product complements the existing aesthetics.

It is wise to work with a custom neon sign maker like us to tailor the sign to your needs and preferences. We offer an array of personalization options to align with your unique vision. With a strong understanding of the location and surroundings, and the appropriate custom elements, you can choose a neon sign design that fits seamlessly to hang on your brick wall and add character and illumination.

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Can You Create An Elegant Aesthetic by Hanging Neon Signs on Brick Walls?

Learning how to hang a neon sign on a brick wall can be a great way to add a captivating, elegant aesthetic. The contrast between the raw texture of brick and the vibrant hues of the neon adds an unmistakable charm.

To achieve the elegant look you covet, the following considerations are helpful:

  • Consider the color palette of your sign and your wall.
  • Choose subtle, sophisticated hues that complement the surrounding space.
  • Ensure proper placement for a balanced, spaced-out visual appeal.

Neon signs are versatile, particularly when you work with a custom service to tailor the design to your desired aesthetic. Remember that traditional neon signs use lots of electricity, so most modern buyers choose LED neon signs as a contemporary alternative. With careful design and placement, you can transform a brick wall into a stylish backdrop for any space or occasion.

Examples of Wall Types for Neon Signs Set Ups

We have looked at how to hang neon signs on brick walls, but different wall types can significantly influence the installation method. Brick walls need anchors and screws designed for masonry to achieve a secure attachment, but here are some other common wall types:

  • Drywall: This requires anchors and screws appropriate for the material’s structure.
  • Plaster walls: These can require additional care to prevent cracking.

Consider the size and weight of your neon sign, as well as the wall’s material, when selecting the hanging media. It can be helpful to locate studs and wall beams to gain added stability for your installation. With the proper preparation and the most suitable installation method for the wall material, you can achieve a secure and durable installation of your neon sign.

Hang a Neon Sign On a Brick Wall

When considering how to hang a neon sign on a brick wall, the following tips could help with a successful installation:

  • Ensure you have the appropriate anchors and screws for masonry work.
  • Use a spirit level to guarantee that the sign hangs straight with a balanced look.
  • Measure and plan the placement meticulously to get the desired visual impact.
  • Pre-drill holes and use anchors for a smooth installation process with minimal risk of damage to the sign.

It may be helpful to seek professional assistance for a safe, precise installation. We design our custom aesthetic neon signs to be easy to install, but the inherent challenges of installing on a brick wall can make professional help a useful resource.

How to Hang a Neon Sign On Drywall

The method for hanging a neon sign on drywall is similar to the method for hanging one on a brick wall. But there are some key considerations that differ slightly, so keep the following in mind:

  • Locate wall studs with a stud finder to gain additional support for your installation.
  • Make sure the anchors and screws you use are appropriate for drywall.
  • Measure and mark your desired placement precisely before you carry out the work.
  • Use a level to guarantee a straight, well-balanced appearance.

Don’t overlook the importance of wall anchors for the installation. Make sure you follow guidelines for the installation of both the anchors and the neon sign itself, and consult a professional for expert assistance if you need it. With these tips, you have a good foundation for achieving a successful, durable neon sign installation on drywall.

Hanging Neon Signs On Plaster Wall

It takes careful attention to hang neon signs on a plaster wall for a secure and aesthetically-pleasing installation. Plaster is prone to cracking and crumbling, so take extra care with each step of the installation.

  • Locate studs using a stud finder for additional support, particularly on plasterboard walls.
  • Use a drill, anchors, and screws that are appropriate for plaster walls to avoid damaging the material.
  • Measure and mark precisely to avoid having to redo any drilling on the delicate wall material.
  • Ensure the neon sign is straight by using a level for a balanced appearance.

Heavier signs may not be appropriate for plaster walls, so use your judgment for this. Follow manufacturer guidelines for installation and seek expert assistance if you are uncertain about achieving the right result. With these tips and the step-by-step method earlier in the article, you have all you need for a successful, durable approach to hanging neon signs on plaster walls.

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Where to Hang the Neon Sign on a Brick Wall?

When considering how to hang a neon sign on a brick wall, placement is a key factor. Visibility and aesthetics are central to the consideration, so here are a couple of things to be mindful of:

  • Large spaces: Place the sign at eye level where it can be easily seen from different angles.
  • Small spaces: Choose a key focal point where your LED neon sign can enhance the ambiance of the space without being overwhelming.

The size of your neon sign is an important feature as well, so design to the space to get the best possible results.

For outdoor installations, think about locations where the sign is protected against the elements to prolong its lifespan. Using shelters to your advantage will help shield it against rainfall, wind, and intense sunlight. You may also want to install it in a protective enclosure for added shielding.

Your chosen spot should complement the overall decor and provide good visibility of the sign. Experiment with different positions and keep up with how to clean your LED neon light to preserve its bright, vibrant illumination.

Get Stunning Visibility of the Neon Sign and Wall Set Up 

Here are some tips for hanging neon signs on brick walls to achieve maximum visibility:

  • Choose contrasting colors.
  • Ensure appropriate lighting around the sign.
  • Position it at eye level so it captures people’s attention.
  • Experiment with different placement options to visualize the end result.
  • Choose a focal point in a space to draw attention.
  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds that detract from the sign’s visibility.
  • Consider the distance from potential viewers.
  • Illuminate the sign when it is darker for a stronger visual impact.

Can I Hang a Neon Sign On a Brick Wall Without Drilling?

It is possible to hang a neon sign on a brick wall without drilling. Alternative hanging methods that are less destructive to your wall include:

  • Velcro strips
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Specialized hanging kits designs to minimize damage to walls

With these viable options at your disposal, it’s important that you ensure your chosen method is adequate to support the sign’s weight and offer a secure attachment. Look at what types of surfaces your chosen method is designed to attach to, and the intended weight it is able to support. Consider custom outdoor neon signs for external environments to ensure the necessary resistance to the elements.

How to Hang Up a Neon Sign Without Nails

Nails are not generally recommended for hanging up a neon sign on a brick wall because it is not easy to hammer a nail into masonry. Doing so risks cracking the bricks and causing unwarranted damage. Using a masonry drill, anchors, and screws is a far superior solution. Or you could use one of the alternative methods listed above, like Velcro strips or adhesive hooks.

When you order LED neon signs from us, they are typically lightweight and easy to install. Comparing LED neon vs glass neon signs, the traditional glass option tends to be heavier and more likely to break if they fall. Opt for a modern LED sign or take extra precautions if you really want a glass one.

Tool-Free Methods of Hanging Neon Signs on Brick Walls 

For tool-free methods of hanging neon signs on brick walls, we have already mentioned two effective solutions: Velcro strips and adhesive hooks.

  • Velcro strips: These adhere well to smooth surfaces like brick, providing a secure hold for the recommended weight without damaging the wall.
  • Adhesive hooks: These are similar to Velcro strips, but you hang your neon sign on the hooks instead of adhering to a hook-and-loop system.

The most important considerations are to ensure that your chosen method is suitable for sticking to a brick wall, and that it can support the weight of your neon sign. These options can create lasting hanging solutions that minimize damage to the brick surface.

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How to Hang Other Items on your Brick Wall with a Neon Sign

When you hang a neon sign on a brick wall, you can complement the aesthetic with other decorative elements alongside it. Popular choices include:

  • Framed artwork
  • Floating shelves with ornaments
  • Posters

Arrange the items strategically for a pleasing composition on the wall. The items you choose should enhance the overall aesthetic and balance with the neon sign’s design and color. This approach helps transform your brick wall into a curated decor element of the overall space, amplifying the impact of your neon light.

Can I Create a Display With a Neon Sign On a Brick Wall?

You can create a captivating display on a brick wall by hanging a neon sign as the focal point amongst other elements. Enhance visual appeal by creating a display using the following ideas:

  • A photo collage: Arrange pictures around the sign for a personalized touch.
  • Floral arrangements: Add artificial flowers for a permanent display, or real ones for a temporary one, in colors that complement the sign.
  • Secondary neon signs: Design smaller neon signs that complement the main one and draw attention to it for an engaging wall display.

Experiment with different combinations. Creating a harmonious and visually-striking display could elevate the entire space and create memorable spaces for your guests or customers based around a neon sign on your brick wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Hang A Neon Sign on A Brick Wall

How to Hang a Neon Sign on a Brick Wall

The standard method to hang a neon sign on a brick wall is to drill guide holes, insert wall anchors, and use screws or hooks to hang the sign. But there are other solutions to consider.

Can You Use Command Strips for Neon Signs? Adhesive Alternatives for Brick Walls

It is possible to use command strips with Velcro or hook attachments to install your neon signs on brick walls. These are less destructive, but you must confirm they are compatible with brick and suitable for the weight of your neon sign.

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